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Idk what's been going on here lately,but i had a serious dream and i want y'all to tell what you think.

So,like michael was standing on a balcony,idk where,but he was standing there,looking restless and looking down at the people exiting the building he was on the balcony of.For some reason,these people(and i was one of them) were MJ fans-i recognised all of you(i knew like,'that's mjjenine,that's jazzyjaz,that's natasajackson,that's Mjlover101 etc,even if i have never met you)and Mjfans from other clubes out of fanpop.we were all walking out.Michael said something i dont remember,but we didnt even look back.He watched with a sad look and said 'i was destined to be alone forever,wasnt i? I expected everybody else to go,but not you.'we all gave our "we didnt mean to's" and walked on.Then,suddenly,he was holding PPB close,saying 'this isnt what i would want for you(i guess refering to their current lives) but paris let herself loose,jumped down and went on a tour bus with chris brown.then michael said they gave up on me and someone woke me up. I asked my mum what it means,she said maybe michael is sad about the large scale fã walk-outs due to haters and grandma says he certainly isnt happy now.the priest says he might not be at peace anymore.what do you think? I ask coz i never have serious dreams-all i dream of usualy has me saying WTF when i wake
 DangerousPYT posted over a year ago
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mjkingofpop1 said:
I can tell that he isn't happy right now because of that kind of situation. I had this same dream, but I was afraid of telling my own mother about it. Honestly, if I was in Michael's shoes, I wouldn't be happy either if my fãs did that to me and my children. Let's stick together on this...for Michael's sake. We know he wants to be happy, so let's help him out. :)
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posted over a year ago 
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