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Post ur favorito funniest video of michael...ill post mines later on:)

 iluvmj54 posted over a year ago
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rhythmjo1814 said:
Three I'd like to share =)

A skit in the J5 era:
Him messing around with Latoya:
^ I amor "Would you shut up you fat head rascal?", "I have an idiot for a sister folks." and "Of course, honey."
Rare family footage: link
^ Throughout this footage MJ is messing around.. Like "(funny voice) Uh, we're out here today and the weather is nice." and "You see that ugly ape over there? That's Randy Jackson." And one part he goes to talk to Janet and says "I am now talking to... (funny voice) Mrs. JELLY." the volumes REALLY low so wear earphones or something.

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posted over a year ago 
hahahahaa i keep watching the 3rd one...its hilariouss!! hahahaaaa
iluvmj54 posted over a year ago
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