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Kidnapped and saved part 1. pls comment.

Part 1
"Secretary,please call Agent M right now.It's important.Thank you",said chief agent KO. He was behind his escrivaninha, mesa feeling nervous. Agent M came in. "What happened chief?",said Agent M (Michael.
The chief took a deep breath and said" On the 21th march 1986,six months ago,agent C has been sent for a mission in Minnesota to capture our enimies.. the "ARES" society. Infact she was captured.. Agent M was feeling bad and angry. He said:"Have you sent agent C with someone?" The Chief did a look of disappointment. "Now why do you need me chief?" Chief said:" I need you to resccue agent C. We have recieved this phone call from her." In this phone call she said: HELP ME! I AM TRAPPED HERE IN THE SOCIETY OF ARES IN ENGLAND! HELP!THEY ARE GOING TO KILL ME! HELPP!!.....
Agent M said: "I'll bring her back.. I promise! I won't let the society of ARES kill her. She is one of us.. I can't..
amor it,nice bigining(:
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