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Part 30
I was taken por surprise a little, but I held my hand out. He gently slipped the ring off my finger and put it on his own, wiggling his digits. “Thanks, you’re too kind.” I laughed and playfully hit him in the arm. He turned to his assistant beside him. “I’ll take these in a size 9.5 if they have it ok?” he said, speaking low. Then he turned his attention back to me, wrapping his arm around waist. We walked over to the heels section. “Do you like anything you see?” he asked me. I had to admit that nothing yet caught my eye. “Not really.” I replied softly. “I want something cute and strappy.” He shook his head, “You women and your heels. That is a mystery I will never understand. But I applaud you for being able to stand up in those things.” A sudden thought came to me. Why not have a bit of fun? I ribbed him gently. “You should try it!” I gave him a wink. His eyes narrowed tauntingly. “That’s a dare isn’t it?” Before I could say anything further, Michael was pulling a pair of heels from the rack and calling out to his assistant. “Hey! I would like these in a size 11!” “Mike!” I whispered furiously. “You’re gonna kill yourself in those.” He rolled his eyes and took the shoe box that was brought over to him. He slipped off his loafers and slid one long foot into the black, four-inch heels. He wobbled slightly, grabbing my shoulder for support. I had to cover my mouth to keep from cracking up. This wasn’t a sight I saw every day. Grown man, superstar, trying on a pair of women’s heels in his socks. He put his foot in the other heel, and I could see his assistant silently shaking with laughter, shaking his head. Michael took two tiny steps forward, did a little shuffle with his shoulders, then tripped. I caught him before he fell, and burst into laughter. “That’s it.” He declared. “I’m getting out of these things.” He slipped out of the shoes and back into his loafers ,giggling the whole time.
 nadiyah posted over a year ago
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Cristina98 said:
This story is sooooo beautiful!!! does it end here??
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posted over a year ago 
yea.. and thnx
nadiyah posted over a year ago
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