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michael jackson had me breathless part24-26

Part 24
I turned to face him, not expecting to hear those words. He continued to speak, “You’re a nice girl, and you have my best interests at heart. I hope you are ready for what’s to come, being out in the public eye and all.” I nodded, understanding where he was going. “Are you ready to do this?” he asked. I looked at Mark. There was genuine concern in his eyes. I already knew what he meant por “this”. I peered out at the grounds before speaking. “I hope so, Mark.” In reality, I was prepared, but still unsure. Even mais so now, that Mark brought it back up. “Being out in the public eye”. Michael and I were growing closer por the day, I was sure of that. But I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the world to see that. No we weren’t in a relationship yet -certain things had been unspoken –but there was definitely a mutual attraction. My head began to hurt a little as I took this all in. Mark could see the consternation in my eyes. He patted my hand. “All I know is missy, Michael will take care of you. I know that man likes you, and he won’t let anything happen. These people are like vultures, the press. But I’m sure if you guys present yourselves the right way, you won’t have any problems.” He assured. “So he likes me, does he?” This was a stupid question, because I damn well knew the answer, I just wanted to hear it confirmed. “Yes.” Mark replied adamantly. I couldn’t help but to beam. I felt silly for doing so, but it still felt good to hear him say it. “He talks about you all the time. Very annoying.” Mark said rolling his eyes at me. I eyed him, and he elbowed me in the ribs gently with a wink. “-Just kidding. But yes, that man likes him some you.” He sighed and stretched. The ride was about to come to a stop as we neared the bottom. Faintly in the distance I heard the “Blue Danube Waltz”. I guessed it was coming from the carousel. I turned to look at Mark. “You know… for a while there, I thought you we
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