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michael jackson had me breathless part20-23

Part Twenty
He held me there for a few moments, and then sighed into my hair. “Girl, I gotta get ready.” He kissed the topo, início of my head. I pulled away from him and climbed off the bed. “Ok, Michael. Let’s get this over with.” I gave him a small smile. “Aw come on, it ain’t that bad.” He consoled. “Just go downstairs, and everybody will be waiting for you, if my timing is right.” He looked at the clock –it read 1:30. “Yup, let’s get you down there. I have to go up and get my things together.” He pushed me gently towards the door. He patted me on the behind. “Go get em’ girl.” He said with a wink. I was surprised at his nerve. He just smiled and walked up the steps. I gritted my teeth as if prepared for war, and walked downstairs to meet “the troops”. I made my way downstairs, half expecting to see a general and his army dressed in full military regalia. Instead it was Bill and what looked to be a small part of his security team. As I walked into the room, Bill noticed my relieved expression. “It’s ok honey; I’ll make this quick and painless.” He gave me an easy smile and beckoned me to his side. “Now these are some of my security team, get to know their faces, as they will be accompanying you and Michael to the awards.” He pointed to each man and said their names. “This is Sal, Henry, Juan, and Jim. They will be with you every step of the way but you have to do your part.” He looked at me sternly, and counted off on his fingers. “That means: no risky behavior, mover when they tell you to move, no dawdling, and please don’t wander off. Got it?” I silently nodded my head. He guided me over to the living room sofá and I sat. The guys all followed and milled around; Bill kneeled before me. “Now, I just want you to be prepared. Many people will be jostling you trying to get to you and Michael. It can be a little scary –being your first time.” I plastered a smile on my face. “Uh, don’t worry –as a journa
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