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I Want You To Guess Who This Is. :3
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Source: i also made this on paint.
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Remember when 4Kids dubbed Mew Mew Power? Yeah, most of us remember that. They changed a lot of things in the dubbing process. Names, items, food, dialogue, and even entire scenes. However, here's the thing that gets me. Many people treat the english dub like it's the spawn of Satan. They insult it, they despise it, and they treat it like a garbage bag that needs to be taken out. Quite frankly, I find this behavior incredibly stupid. I understand if you like the japanese version more. However, depending on how you look at it, you can find joy in watching the english dub.

Here's how I see things....
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Previously in part 1, tragedy happens when Kasey is suffering from electrical reactions which were caused por the attack from the last episode. The girls feel awful for not helping their friend, but another tragic moment occurs- Bridget is início with a fever and is also very ill as well. This could be the start of something serious or even chaotic. With Zoey, Corina, Kikki, and Renee being the only ones left on the team it will be a very hard journey for them to take care of the Cyniclons as well as saving the city.

In part 2, the Mew Project has now been switched to four girls for the time being....
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Last time, Renee fell into a deep slumber and Tsukasa must kiss her for her to wake up...

Cornia: -sees Decade destroy Kamen Rider Faiz- Poor guy...

Decade: -sees her- Come out, Cornia, i know your there

Cornia: -comes out- You have to help us

Decade: why? -picking up Faiz's Rider Belt-

Cornia: Renee fell asleep and won't wake up, and only your kiss will wake her up!

Decade: How?

Cornia: What?

Decade: How is this my problem again?

Cornia: But... she loves you...

Decade: So? I don't care

Cornia: You jerk!

Decade: -walks away-


Decade: -sees Zoey-

Zoey: -gets on knees- Please help Renee! She won't wake...
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