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posted by AngelUchihaNeko
Full Name: Melissa Melodee
Nickname:the rosa, -de-rosa Notekey
Age:(Original series)14/(Shipudden)18
Appearance:silky dark brown hair,grass green eyes,pale skin,her left eye is a glass eye,she has got it,since she was five,her adoptive father punched her in her eye as he was drunk and agressive again
Clothing(first Appearance):a white polo camisa with a red tie,a red Blazer jacket,a short red-black checked Skirt,black knee-high and red Ballerina shoes(Her school outfit)
Ninja Outfit:an oliva, verde-oliva green topo, início with a low neckline,a pair of black Hot Pants and high heeled Shinobi sandals,and ninja equipment like a Kunai...
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