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Remember this from elementary school? The workers at McDonalds did! They got the order right, too!
miss suzy
schoolyard rhyme
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Set up a limonada stand right outside a McDonald's. See how long it takes to kicked out.

Go to mcdonalds and ask how much something on the dollar menu is.

Walk through the drive through at Mcdonalds and order something.

Go to McDonaldes and ask them for a cheese burger without cheese while driving backwards in drive in.

Go to mcdonalds dressed like a gangster and say you feel like a princess.

Go to mcdonalds and order everything on the menu..............THEN RUN!

Go to McDonalds and ask for fat free fries.

Go to mcdonalds and order tacos.

Pull someone in a wagon through a McDonalds drive thru.

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I was in a McDonalds recently, just about to get my happy meal on (head hanging in shame) when I witnessed something even mais disturbing than my total loss of dignity to a sugar/carb craving. There was a little boy in line ahead of me (who we will call Damien for the sake of this article) who had “a fit”. I’m not a child psychiatrist, but I did take a developmental psychology course at BU in 2001, so I’m going to go ahead find myself qualified to diagnose Damien with ADHD.

Damien’s mother had ordered a McFish Filet, which anyone who frequents McDonalds should know is going to take...
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