MBLAQ’s Lee Joon makes an embarrassing, yet hilarious comeback on SBS’s ‘Star King’!

During this week’s filming, a Chinese circus visited the studio and showed off incredible performance.

After watching this, Lee Joon expressed that he would like to attempt to fit inside a can. However, despite his best efforts, Lee Joon was unable to fit, and ended up being stuck in the can.

There was also a performance where the circus member showed off his skills with a long rope around his neck. Lee Joon became so surprised that he fell over onto a plate, creating much laughter.

Finally, another contestant brought a karaoke machine that was created on a golf cart. Seeing this, Lee Joon went up to sing ‘The Person in My Hazy Memory”, but was unable to even begin the song because the contestant gave Lee Joon a ‘failed’ sign.