It was told that MBLAQ’s Mir (Bang Chul Young) had slightly injured his neck while filming for ‘Star King‘.

On August 1st, MBLAQ’s Mir, along with many other celebrities, participated in the filming for ‘Star King‘ which was held at the SBS building in Mok-dong, Shinsaok.

Mir’s injury was first announced through twitter; a fã at the site of the shooting had left a ‘@mention’ on twitter saying, “Mir was sent to the hospital during the shooting of ‘Star King’“. And shortly after, a call from a broadcaster to Newsen had confirmed that “Mir did receive a slight injury“.

A representative explained that Mir had volunteered to be a demonstrator and while experimenting with pyrotechnics, one of the explosives had discharged near Mir’s face. Because they weren’t wearing any safety equipment, Mir’s face had been directly exposed to the gas from the discharge.

According to the representative, “At the time, Mir fell down because he was surprised. Luckily, he didn’t faint or go into a coma but he did fall into shock due to the explosive shot“. The cast had called 119 (emergency line in Korea) shortly after but MBLAQ’s associate, who was present, personally took Mir to Mokdong Hospital at Ewha Woman’s universidade College of Medicine.

The examination results showed that Mir had a slight burn around his neck but fortunately didn’t have any other severe injuries. Mir had returned to the set of “Star King” after his examination and finished the shooting till the end. On this same occasion, an associate from J Tune Entertainment, tweeted, “There has been a slight accident while rehearsing for ‘Star King’. Please don’t worry too much, the injury isn’t severe. Mir’s survival depends on his fan’s amor so please continue to amor and support him“.

PD Bae Sung Woo from ‘Star King’ also stated, “There wasn’t a big accident. The shooting ended well and everyone was in a good mood all throughout the shooting“. Mir’s agency also explained, “Although there was a small accident as it was revealed on twitter, the shooting ended peacefully. There is no problem at the moment and he is continuing with preparing for album activities and concert“.

Because it wasn’t a big injury, both associates from the agency and the casting crew let out a big sigh of relief; but some fãs are worried as this wasn’t the first time Mir had been in an accident on the set of ‘Star King’. Mir had injured his waist while belly dancing during a shoot of ‘Star King’ back in February and because of this, MBLAQ had to temporarily continue their activities as a 4 member group instead of 5.

Some netizens angered por Mir’s injury, commented, “To make a celebrity perform a dangerous experiment without notice, and without safety equipment is unfair“, “It’s already the segundo injury he had from ‘Star King’, something should be done” and “I’m glad he wasn’t badly hurt, but be careful seguinte time“.

Meanwhile, Mir and his fellow MBLAQ members are currently promoting their mini album ‘Mona Lisa‘. MBLAQ is also preparing for their first solo concert, “Men in MBLAQ“, on August 20th.