Maximum Ride MR5!

ksoccer75 posted on Jan 31, 2009 at 05:07PM
I found out that the fifth maximum ride book is going to be even shorter than the fourth. So you think thats a good or a bad thing? Also i dont theink the plot is going to be as good as the other books. Sorry if i just made you lose your hope in the fifth book.

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over a year ago funnyshawna said…
what?! grt. i thhought that the fourth one was waayyy too short. gah. oh well. do you know when it comes out?
though, i guess i'll be fine with it anyway, since it's maximum ride. i just really really hope that max stops being stupid about fang and doesn't freak out if he kisses her again ;P
that really really bugged me.
over a year ago TheBetafish said…
I got the 5th book yesterday (finished it also) and it actually was longer and WAY better than the fourth book. I LOOOOVED it!
over a year ago jackie5starr said…
the fifth bk was definitely sooooooo much btr than the fourth...the fourth totally sucked but i hated the cliff hanger cuz i just wanna read more!!!!! :D
over a year ago 18wanda said…
I am reading it for the second time right now.