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Hermione-Fan361 posted on Jan 08, 2012 at 07:36PM
Pick a character, or make your own.

Max: Hermione-Fan361

If you make your own:


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over a year ago maximumrider1 said…
big smile
name: Marley
Age: 15
species: Geneticly alterered avian hybrid
looks: exactly like Max
over a year ago Hermione-Fan361 said…
((Well, might as well start...))

I soared though the sky, air rushing over and under my wings.
over a year ago maximumrider1 said…
(I could play Fang, Iggy and Nudge if you want until other people come :) )

Marley followed the flock, knowing it wouldnt be long until one of them found out she was there. Jeb said they could sense me, the way I sensed them.

"Max, I'm Hungry!" Complained Nudge. "why dont we stop at that nice little place down there? it looks inconspicious right? and look! theres a suppy truck out back! that means more food for us!"

"Max...please make the blah blah blah stop before my ear drums burst" Iggy sighed

over a year ago maximumrider1 said…
silent as usually Fang swooped beside Max, he gave her a look that said. [Your the leader, save Iggys eardrums] and smirked for a millisecond the swooped back into formation.
over a year ago maximumrider12 said…
big smile
(Hey, sorry something happened with my account that made me make a new file so, im still maximumrider1 just with a 2 on the end now :D )
over a year ago Hermione-Fan361 said…
"Okay, okay, Nudge, we'll get something to eat!" I said, trying my best to save Iggy's ears. I silently glided to the ground, the flock following. We landed in front of the supply truck. "Everyone dig in!"
over a year ago maximumrider12 said…
"look! nothings cooked... Gazzy, Iggy! make us a fire!" Nudge said

Iggy smirked. "I got just the thing." Iggy set something on the ground andnalmost instantly there was a fire on the ground just big enough to cook with.

I smelled the aroma of cooking food my mouth watering. now was the time. I swooped down and tucked in my wings before they were seen. " uhh...hi, could I join you? my names Marley, and I'm Max's twin sister."
over a year ago Hermione-Fan361 said…
My head quickly turned. Twin?! Since when do I have a twin? "Um... sure. How long have you been my twin, exactly?"
over a year ago maximumrider12 said…
Marley looked at Max. "um..your whole life? When Jeb took you guys, I felt so alone. They kept me at the other side of the lab. They injected me with a bit of DNA from each vile used on you, I have all the powers off you combined, and more. I just escaped on my own." Marley finished.

Nudge stared at Max and Marley. " you guys look the exact same, but Marleys hair looks a little longer though."

" do you have wings?" Fang asked

" I wish I could put in on this but I can't tell from seeing but your voices sound almost identical. Max's is a little rougher" Iggy put in
over a year ago Hermione-Fan361 said…
I looked at Fang. "If she's my TWIN, she'd obviously have wings."
over a year ago maximumrider12 said…
Fang shruged.

"yes..I do." Marley spread her 16 foot wings. Marley blushed from the stares. "I am 3% avian, not 2% like you guys, thats why there bigger." Marleys wings were the exact copy of Max's,like everything about them. "Max, your older then me. I was born at 4:56 pm and you were born 5:03. I dont know what day sadly but..." Marley kicked the rocks and sand below her feet. "I'll leave if you want."
over a year ago Hermione-Fan361 said…
I looked at Fang, with a 'What the freak do I do?!' look.
over a year ago Harpaw8 said…
Name: Pauline Timberwood
Species: Demonic Vampire

Pauline watched them from a distance wondering if they are the ones she is looking for....

over a year ago VladGal365 said…
Name: Evelyn Dellahay
Age: 16
Species: Bird-kid hybrid
Looks: she could be Fang's long lost sister
over a year ago Nerdy_n_Proud said…
Name:Isabel Ride
Species: 98% human, 2% avian
Siblings: Max's fraternal twin sister
Looks: REALLY long strawberry blonde hair with a metallic bright blue streak on the right side of her hair. Pale skin. Green/blue/hazel/brown/orange eyes.
Personality: Nice and kind, except she and Dylan absolutely HATE each-other.
BFF: Nudge
BF: Fang
Mom: Valencia Martinez (Dr.Martinez
Dad: Jeb Batchelder
over a year ago Harpaw8 said…
Pauline shrugs and walks away. "I better get going.....its late."