In space...a worm hole opened up and a smog came out,The smog is called Nanite aftersalt...The counter effect of project mutated a meteor...into a evil stone-hard hedgehog...Then it weyed itself to moebuis!YYYYYOOOWWWWWWWNN-BOOOOOM!!!It landed in front of MTL!The myseros green-and-black hedgehog...did not seem to know to talk or used comet tackle...MTL cot it with his arms and repeled...then he sluged the crusty-hedgehog with nano punch!it engraved the word "phantom" on the crusty-stupid-primitive-hedgehog!the phantom used mud-wave!a gaint wave shot up into the air and piled MTL!MTL shot spike out of his did not effect phantom...then sonic came out of nowhere quickly stuct phantom with a homing attack!phantom struct Nicole...MTL turned Red with rage...all his attack were 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000% mais powerful!!!he upercuted phantom!typhoon kick phantom!and finished him with a percing nanite punch!!!phantom exsploded...and nicole hugged MTL...he passed out and ny layd on topo, início of him for the rest of the night!