They sonic,sally,knux,and NICOLE arived at crystal city...a completly red monster was destroying the town,sonic hit it with a homing attack...then the red creature said "Grrr...GACK!!!Rooor!!!" Then a blue and green creature came...sonic handle the on...the green battled Knux handled it...and the red monster chased NICOLE,Big bubba hid a cage rite above sally...droped the,BANG!!!Big bubba threw the cage all the way to the tuoedih gnag!!!the red creature had NICOLE held back...then the red creature teleport back to the tuoedih gnag!!!knux threw sonic into the sky and then sonic came down like a meteorite...BAM!It blew the minions back to the tuoedih gnag!!!then sonic ran after it...the tuoedih gnag took off into the air like a rocket!!!it send down a net..the net swooped down and pulled NICOLE into The dungeon of the floating tuoedih gnag!!!