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So this part is about the talent show.will we win or? Find out urself:P
Enjoy :)& comment

****Gigi's POV****
We were making ourselves comfortable in the room they had given for us, backstage. There was a LED screen TV with a leather couch, and other grand stuff.I was spending a lot of time infront of the mirror, not that I'm vain or selfobsessed.Ally was watching what's going on the stage from the small screen in the room and Shavon was going through a nervous breakdown.
"I'm never ever gonna wear high heels again."I heard Angie mutter, trying to...
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****Gigi's POV****
"Wake up sleepy head"someone whispered in ma ear.I opened my eyes to find Shavon standing near my bed.
"Huh? "I asked half asleep.
"I said wake up! "She raised her voice"it's our big dia remember?"
That's when it hit me THE TALENT SHOW it's today!!!
I quickly jumped out of my bed."OMG shav where's Ally and Angie??? "I freaked out.
"In the bathroom guess"
"So I'm the last to wake-up!"I questioned her.
"Well yea.I tried to wake u up a few minutos ago, but u kickedme!!!
"Oooops I'm sorry hun.I'm like that in the mornings." I apologized.
"It's fine now go and put on sum good clothes.Raven...
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****Gigi's POV****
We practiced our song with the band for an hora and I have to say we were really good!
"Excellent job MASS!!!Now go back to your apartment and have a good rest.Tommorrow's gonna be magical :but tough" Raven told,handing us chocolates as a treat.
Then we left Ravens house, actually her mansion or else u can use palace too.It was around 5.00pm when we reached our apartment.
"I'm going to bed"Ally said letting out a yawn.
"I 'm gonna stretch my legs in the jaqucci "I said going into the bathroom
****Shavon's POV****
I Watched Ally and Gigi head into their rooms.I was standing in the living room with Angie, "so what r u planning to do? "I asked her.
"Gonna practice my making out session with Harry's doll"she answered.and gave her a look.then she left the room leaving me alone.I had nothing to do so I decided to Skype with my mum.

-------that part was rly boring and short I'll try to make the seguinte one better-------Gigi
****Raven's POV****

I looked at the girls who were now making puppy-dog faces at me.I just laughed at them.
"Don't worry darlings,did y'all forget that I'm super rich?"I bragged.
"But how's money gonna get us through this?"Gigi asked.
"Well now that will be a surprise for y'all" I grinned again.
"A surprise!?But Rav we don't have enough time for surprises.We planned everything for Wednesday but now we have to perform on Tuesday,which is tomorrow."Gigi went on again.
"Honey.i know that u're freaking out,but i guarentee we r gonna get through this "I said kneeling down beside her.She nodded.
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''Um...Hello?"Raven answered the phone.We all had this urge to find out the reason for Dave's call.And Raven had put the speaker-phone on so that we can all hear the conversation.
"Hey Is it Raven?"Dave asked "Well yeah,actually the girls r listening too"Raven replied. ''Hi Dave!"We all chorused together.
"oh good,you all are listening.I have made some changes in my talent show,I have decided to have the auditions tomorrow since I have to go to Canada on Wednesday.Hope it's ok with y'all.
''WHAT?Tomorrow???That's so near!!!"Ally shouted making us all jump up from our couch.
"Ally, calm down"...
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**** Gigi's POV ****
"OK girls let's take it frm the begining again and then take five" Raven said,trying to get us into the 'MASS spirit' again.
"ohhh...''we all groaned.We've been practicing the same song for like 3hrs non-stop!We were all dying of thirst.
"Can't we first take five and then sing??" Shavon begged.
''NO,we only have 3 mais days and this is serious work"
Yeah.She's right.We have to perform 'Viva la vida' in a Talent show called, 'Show us what u got' in 3 days.And our aim is to win this so that we could fly to London,which is an offer the winner is gonna get!
"I used to rule the...
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