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 2004 - Seventeen Magazine
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This Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen fotografia contains vestido de cocktail and bainha. There might also be pernas nuas, meia-calça, calças colantes, skintight, pantyhose, calças skintight, calça skintight, chemise, shimmy, turno, escorregar, peluche, camisa, deslocamento, deslizamento, teddy, and vestido.

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Chloe rolled her eyes. "Riley, this certificate represents promptness, class participation, and good work habits. If I keep this up, I'm going to get a reputation!" "Oh, yeah, I can see it now," Riley joked. "Written on the mural in the boys' locker room: For a good example, call Chloe." "Real funny," Chloe moaned. "Look--you have a free period now. Come eat with me. I need moral support. "Okay," Riley agreed. "I don't have to study for a test. Besides, we can talk about the party. They headed down to the cafeteria, quickly bought their lunch, and found a seat.

"Good citizen award," Chloe muttered,...
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Full House Crisis

Michelle twins are bored with acting

FULL HOUSE cuties Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen are so bored with atuação that shooting stops on the set until they are bribed with sweets or promised an afternoon of play.
The 5-year-old twins started sharing the role of Michelle when they were nine months old.
"They've played Michelle for so long they just get bored," says an insider on the set. "Ashley, the feisty one, will just stubbornly cruz her arms and pout. Then either Bob Saget or John Stamos will walk over to her and say, 'Ashley if you say your lines and play Michelle we'll give you...
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"Sweet freedom, here we come!" Mary-Kate Olsen called out at the topo, início of her lungs. A cheer went up from the crowd around her, and she laughed, loving the light-as-air-feeling in her heart. Mary-Kate was perched on the roll bar of her friend Trevor Reynolds's new Jeep Wrangler, surveying the massive party. The entire senior class of Ocean View High had gathered at the de praia, praia on this last Friday before finals, parking their cars right up against the sand and bringing all kinds of drinks, snacks, and CDs to help them party the night away. A bonfire roared, and música blared from a boom box as people...
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The Full House Twins spin some Dia das bruxas movie magic - and keep their money-making machine churning

Ernest Hemingway once said that the real measure of a writer was an ability to write while in the throes of a hangover. I would like to append this for the '90s. The real measure of a writer is: to be able to fashion a story our of an interview with Full House's mighty munchkins, the Olsen twins. I've got history with the Olsens. Last year, when they were 6, I interviewed them while they were shooting their natal TV-movie, "To Grandmother's House We Go." It killed in the...
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Christmas With The 'Full House' Twins

Every natal Eve, Dave Olsen, Ashley and Mary Kate's Father, cuts sponges into the shape of footprints, dips them in flour and makes little elf prints on the floor throughout the house. Outside, on the front lawn of the handsome 5,800-square-foot início in San Fernando Valley, he puts down prints around a sled-shaped section of the lawn. "The kids still believe that if they don't go to sleep, Santa's helpers won't come," says Dave. But they don't sleep for long. At 5:30 natal morning, Ashley and Mary Kate, 6, Elizabeth...
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