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 2004 - Seventeen Magazine
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This Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen fotografia contains vestido de cocktail and bainha. There might also be pernas nuas, meia-calça, calças colantes, skintight, pantyhose, calças skintight, calça skintight, chemise, shimmy, turno, escorregar, peluche, camisa, deslocamento, deslizamento, teddy, and vestido.

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Full House Twins are full-sized handfull as they make their first movie

Full House twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are all sugar and spice when the cameras are rolling - but things aren't always so nice when the half-pint pair decide to just be themselves. It's not that the little ladies have the devil in them -it's just that, like any other 5-year-olds, they can be a real handful when they decide to act their age. That's the low-down from insiders on the set of their hit TV show and jovens bruxas crew members who've spent the past couple of months in Vancouver helping the angelic...
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