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por 2002, the British edition of PR Week (November 1, 2002) claimed that mary-kateandashley was the "number one girl's brand in the U.S.," and the brand was on its way to being a juggernaut in Great Britain as well. The Jackie Cooper PR company launched an extensive campaign, building up British girls' awareness of the Olsens, who had long been shown in re-runs in the United Kingdom. The Olsens landed in England in April to do press appearances. Their clothing lines were sold in the United Kingdom at the chain George at Asda. (George at Asda is part of Asda, a British subsidiary of Wal-Mart.)...
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First dia of high school!
Abby: Hope we'll be popular!
Guy: Hey, it's the Parker sisters!
Girl: They are so cool!
Girl2: They're, like, the most popular girls in school!
Girl3: They're, like, the most popular girls ever!
Crowd: Parker! Parker! Parker! (etc...)
Principal: In order of they're courageous contribution to society, they're superior grades, and they're extremely fashionable footwear; I hear por declare today, to be Parker sisters day!
Crowd: (cheering)

Alarm goes off. Abby turn it off
Girls!? You're going to be late for cheerleading tryouts!
Maddie: Great dream!
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Heartbroken Full House twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen face the nightmare of being dividido, dividir up por a custody battle following their father's remarriage. "If they are separated it could leave emotional scars that would last a lifetime," a family friend told STAR. "But the judge may have to be Solomon." Insiders say the 9-year-olds, who jointly played Michelle Tanner on the hit sitcom, are devastated since dad David Olsen married his former secretary Mckenzie Taylor, 36 -and have taken opposite sides in the latest battle between their mother and father. They've even...
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 Target launch of mary-kateandashley brand in Sydney 2003
Target launch of mary-kateandashley brand in Sydney 2003
Olsens launch assault on Aussie market

September 26 2002

The world's most successful televisão twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, have announced their billion-dollar empire was poised for an assault on the Australian market.

The mary-kateandashley brand is already a hit in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States where the twins, now 16, rose to fame in the hit series Full House, which ran from 1987 to 1995.

Since then, they've built a billion-dollar empire that includes clothing, movies, televisão shows, vídeos and books.

The pair flew into Sydney on Tuesday and...
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It was Monday afternoon--two mais classes to go. Chloe reached into her locker and pulled out a couple of textbooks.
"I checked out the Guide website again over the weekend," she said to Amanda, Tara, and Quinn, who were to waiting to walk down the hall with her. "I can't wait to try the rules out on Lennon."
"I still think you're making a mistake," Amanda told her, brushing her hair out of her eyes.
"How can you say that after Friday night?" Tara asked Amanda.
Amanda frowned. "Huh? What happened Friday night?"
"Chloe's very own sister used the rules on Todd," Quinn explained. "They had a hot...
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As they grow apart, they can't take turns playing TV's cutest kid- so one stays and the other must go

Twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who estrela in Full House, are being dividido, dividir up. After they turn 6 this year, only one will be needed to play bubbly Michelle Tanner. Because of stringent labor laws when the show first aired in 1987, producers were forced to hire twins to play the one role. That's not the case after the children have their sixth birthday in June. There is also concern that, since the girls are fraternal -not identical-twins, they soon might start to look...
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Mary-Kate Olsen, exclusively on!

Despite the fact that she can't seem to avoid being in the tabloids, Mary-Kate Olsen has always been an intensely private person. Meet an inadvertent fashion icon:

"It's funny, recently I've done a few interviews where I've totally been myself and they couldn't get past the fact that I wore heels. Yes, I'm wearing heels! Headline: Wearing Heels, once again. I'm short; I like to wear heels; it makes my legs look longer (laughs). Sorry!" - Mary-Kate Olsen, exclusively on

Read the full story por Luke Crisell in NYLON's Dec/Jan issue.

Watch behind the scenes at Mary-Kate's cover shoot on link
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Olsen & Olsen
The Secrest Behind The Sister Act

Sweet as candy zien ze eruit, maar schijn bedriegt. Zoals veel kindsterretjes worstelt het Olsenkwadraat met het volwassen leven. Steeds vaker spreken de tabloids furgão, van slaande ruzies, drugsexcessen en divagedrag. Is er een dubbele Britney in de maak?

"Als je ons kunt respecteren als zakenvrouwen en als sterke jonge vrouwen, kun je ons misschien ook eens als individuen beschouwen.

Never judge a book por its cover: Mary-Kate en Ashley (22) zijn - shocking news! - géén identieke tweeling en willen als dusdanig worden behandeld. "Als je ons...
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From Full House To Full Bank Accounts

Olsen twins command billion-dollar empire

FIVE years ago, Mary-Kate and Ashley olsen were ending their run on the hit sitcom Full House, but today, the 14-year-old twins are Hollywood's hottest mini-moguls, with business ventures worth up to $100 million. Estimates place the tyke-coons' combined personal fortune at anywhere from $17 million to over $24 million.
"They have earned mais than Macaulay Culkin and Shirley Temple combined, and they have saved more," says the girls' manager and lawyer, Robert Thorne, about the moppets who broke into show business...
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Twice As Nice!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen play the mischief-making twins in Nickelodeon's Two Of A Kind. Funday caught up with the estrela sisters, when they visited the UK recently to film their new movie, Winning London.

Nickelodeon's Two Of A Kind is a popular show in this country, and its stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are fast becoming TV favourites. However, that's nothing compared with how famous the twins are in America!
During their recent trip to London, Mary-Kate and AShley relished the fact that they could hit the shops without being recognised everywhere they went. In America, it's...
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Christmas With The 'Full House' Twins

Every natal Eve, Dave Olsen, Ashley and Mary Kate's Father, cuts sponges into the shape of footprints, dips them in flour and makes little elf prints on the floor throughout the house. Outside, on the front lawn of the handsome 5,800-square-foot início in San Fernando Valley, he puts down prints around a sled-shaped section of the lawn. "The kids still believe that if they don't go to sleep, Santa's helpers won't come," says Dave. But they don't sleep for long. At 5:30 natal morning, Ashley and Mary Kate, 6, Elizabeth...
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 Looking for my Phoenix
Looking for my Phoenix


Chapter 1
"Roxy, here comes your bus."
"Check it out, Is that cool or what!" I said to Jane, bouncing up and down. I could hardly contain my excitement. I knew that from that particular point in time, my whole life was going to change.
There it was, gleaming in the late autumn sunshine, the Simple Plan Tour bus parked outside my house. The door opens with a swisshh and Justin saunters out looking every bit the Rock'N'roll manager with a dark T-shirt and matching denim jaqueta .
"Yo Rox, we gotta get going."
"Just a minute," I replied. I smiled at Jane who was on the front...
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The Olsen twins of Full House are normal 7-years-olds, except they're rich, rich, rich!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the cute-beyond-measure, sparkle-eyed twins who share the role of Michelle on ABC's Full House, act just like any other 7-year-old girls. They are shy around strangers, giggly when left to themselves. They share secrets. They like ice cream and ponies and swimming-pool slides. And, like most little girls, they fidget when they're sleepy and pout when they're angry.
"I want a tiger, Daddy," Mary-Kate kept saying, over and over, squirming in the back assento of...
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Double Vision
Watch Out, Mickey: Olsen Twins Gain Fast In Kids' Entertainment

HOLLYWOOD - Quick: After Disney, what is the most popular name in kids' início entertainment these days? Sesame Street? Barney? Try Olsen. With a series of low-budget videocassettes that have raked in $77 milliony in sales, 10-year-old twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have taken the No 1. spot in the nonanimated children's video market. In the process, the sisters, who cut their teeth on the hit ABC televisão sitcom "Full House," have become heroes to the under-12 set and millionaires to...
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It Takes Two To Play Prime Time's topo, início Mopet

"Just balanço your head back and be sexy," instructs the atuação coach. "Can you be sexy? Come me how to be cool." On cue, the actress pops her head back, snaps her fingers and starts strutting.
No, we're not at the taping of another Jackie Collins miniseries. And the main character in this scene is no sex siren. She's 4-year-old Ashley Olsen who along with her twin sister, Mary Kate stars as cute, precocious Michelle Tanner on ABC's hit sitcom Full House. The series is about a widower (Bob Saget ) Raising his three kids with the help...
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She is an actress, a designer and a fashion icon. Luke Crisell meets the very private Mary-Kate Olsen to discover what influences her unique sense of style.

The second-oldest cemetery in Manhattan is a small, well-maintained affair: the names of those interred here are inscribed on tablets lining the walls. Hazelnut trees dot the lawn. Once an undistinguished plot of land on the Lower East Side, the graveyard now abuts the tiled patio of a boutique hotel where Mary-Kate Olsen has decided we should meet. "I remember this place used to be so cool", she says, raising her eyes to the...
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Meet Mary-Kate and Ashley, the Tween queen Twins! Your new best friends have just arrived...

The annual Spring Fling's coming up and Mary-Kate and Ashley have hot dates for the dance. At least they think they do -- until they find out their dates have asked other girls instead. To make matters worse, Mary-Kate's crush is going out with her best friend!

Should Mary-Kate and Ashley just go ahead and get new dates for the dance? Or should they get...revenge?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been huge international stars since the age of 9 months, when they shared the role of Michelle in the sit com FULL HOUSE. With videos, video games, CDs, dolls, books, a fashion line and a magazine already under their belts in the US, they are poised to take over the UK market in 2002.
Chloe rolled her eyes. "Riley, this certificate represents promptness, class participation, and good work habits. If I keep this up, I'm going to get a reputation!" "Oh, yeah, I can see it now," Riley joked. "Written on the mural in the boys' locker room: For a good example, call Chloe." "Real funny," Chloe moaned. "Look--you have a free period now. Come eat with me. I need moral support. "Okay," Riley agreed. "I don't have to study for a test. Besides, we can talk about the party. They headed down to the cafeteria, quickly bought their lunch, and found a seat.

"Good citizen award," Chloe muttered,...
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Girls Incorporated

They are to tweens what Martha Stewart is to American homemakers: arbiters of all that is right and good and stylish. But Mary-Kate (far right) and Ashley Olsen, 15-year-old twins from San Fernando Valley, are also budding tycoons, blithely ensconced atop a cross-platform fashion-and-entertainment empire. Having infiltrated every medium known to girls aged 6 to 14, the Mary-Kate-and-Ashley brand is poised to generate $ 1 billion in revenue in 2002. The twins'clothing-and-accessories line, purveyed exclusively through Wal-Mart, is on pace to eclipse Kmart's...
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Ashley & Mary- Kate Olsen, Sister's

Much as they loved their eight years playing Michelle Tanner on the recently canceled Full House, the Olsen twins, now 9, weren't wil about her wardrobe. "Ugly," says Ashley-a critique echoed por Mary Kate. "I hated some of the clothes," she confesses. "They were not my style. "Which like her sister's, is mais casual than Michelle's: lots of T-shirts, shorts, overalls and jeans. "I never wear dresses," explains Mary Kate. "They're not comfortable." The picky pixie does like trendy duds that match, while her older (by three minutes) sisters opts...
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