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The fans pick: maiko
The fans pick: Zuko
The fans pick: Maiko
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Maiko VS. Zutara mural

sueprin said …
this is like, the ground of eternal shipping wall. Posted over a year ago
PrettyBender said …
We the people of the Zutara Nation so solemnly swear to uphold the truth of the Zutara spirit and keep the promise given to us to uphold, honesty, truthfulness, and the true Zutara spirit and let it live on in the hearts of many. We intend to do so until this couple is canon, or until death parts us from this world, where we can whisper in the ears of Zutara Followers and become the guardian anjos of this couple. We will protect it in the name of the followers before us the ones to come. Posted over a year ago
tough-toph said …
very offensive Posted over a year ago