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Part one of my fic
this is a fic i was originaly only goin to do for seph but she didnt want it byherself so this is my fic for seph and Hs my twinny
Disclaimer: MY USUAL I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THEESE characters blah blah blah
Dedacation: Huddysmacked(HS,twinny) and charmedluver(seph)
Rating: PG

She was sleeping in the cheap hotel bed, her clothes scattered on the floor. And on the escrivaninha, mesa was her résumé excepted. Around the corner lay another girl around the same age, typing on her computer. Her clothes still in the suitcase undisturbed. On the escrivaninha, mesa lay her resume accepted as well....
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my poem its crazy scary a warning ok pls don't like worry bout me im dark Ik.Im just angry.

it will end the world
it will depress the world
It will murder us one por one
hearts will stop in seconds
necks will snap in minutes
The watter will pool with blood
The world will turn black
burning all crops
all trees
all flowers
Starvation killing all wildlife
The world shall be alone
mother nature depressed
slowly dying in depression
slowly dying
no mais breathes
no mais heartbeats
no trajedy
no pain
no hurt
no death
no depression
no life
no mais joys
just notthingness
that you wished for
that you started
damn you robert pickton
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It has been a long and hard 3 days, we’d finally managed to embrulho, envoltório up a huge case. And as usual, I walk into Mac’s office and we spill our thoughts together, it often helps after big cases. And plus; I always just like to know that Mac is okay.
I watch him sigh and rub the back of his neck; he looks way too tense and exhausted beyond belief.
I wanted so badly to walk over and place my hands on his shoulders, relieve some of the stress. Maybe nuzzle the side of his neck and...
Anyway, it looked like something was troubling him, so I try to say something reassuring.

“You know Mac, we got him...
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