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Tuits Calientes con 5 segundos of Summer

Luke and Ashton talking about dating on @KIIS1065

Luke & Ashton from 5SOS Answer fã Questions! KIIS1065, Kyle & Jackie O

"I'd Bae That" Calum and Luke on Capital FM

5 segundos of Summer- Girls Talk Boys 7/15/16 Live -SLFL Tour

5 segundos of Summer- Happy Birthday to Luke 7/16/16

LIVE on facebook with 5 segundos of Summer Boys Ashton and Luke! | Hit 30

Spin or bin: Muke interview

Luke - How Did We End Up Here DVD

#WWOBackstage at #AMAs: Michael and Luke of 5 segundos Of Summer

5 segundos Of Summer Backstage At The AMAs

5 segundos Of Summer - How Did We End Up Here? (Luke Hemmings)

5SOS's Luke Hemmings' beard reveals he's actually a viking

Cake Talk Being Real Musicians

THIS Is What Happened When 5SOS Met Oprah...

Ash and Luke Cooking On Sunday brunch, café da manhã 2015

5 segundos Of Summer - oi Everybody!

5SOS - MIKEY & LUKE Interview [PART 2]

5SOS's Luke & Calum 60 segundo pergunta Blitz

Dan & Maz Present - 5SOS The Animated Series

5SOS New Album 'Sounds Good Feels Good' Full of Club Bangerz?

5SOS's Luke & Calum Hilarious Dan and Maz Interview

How To Approach 5 segundos Of Summer As A fã

Luke Hemmings of 5 segundos Of Summer greets fãs arriving at LAX Airport

This or That? Canada vs Australia with 5 segundos of Summer

5 segundos Of Summer's #CAKE talk first kisses & getting drunk in 'granny flats’

Cake Talk Sophomore Album

Luke Hemmings from 5 segundos Of Summer greeting fãs at LAX Airport

Luke Hemmings's interview with Scott Mills on BBc Radio 1!- AUDIO ONLY

Luke Hemming - 5 segundo Rule on Nabisco!

Luke Hemmings describing Calum capuz, capa on Nabisco!

5 segundos Of Summer - She's Kinda Hot

Fitzy & Wippa interview Luke Hemmings July 22

Hit105 Stav and Abby interview Luke Hemmings

5SOS She's kinda hot

Luke Hemmings from 5SOS tells Smallzy he would Marry Taylor rápido, swift

Luke Hemmings from 5SOS chats touring She's Kinda Hot seguinte year!

Luke Hemmings Tells Angus What He Is Doing For His Birthday

5SOS's Luke & Ashton Talk About how Michael Is Doing After Burning Face

Did 5SOS Answer Your Twitter Questions?

5SOS Answer Your Twitter perguntas

5SOS Q&A - Luke Edition

oi Violet's Prank to 5SOS part 1

Luke Hemmings // favorito Moments (2014)

Breakthrough Songwriter of the Year: 5 segundos of Summer - 2015 APRA música Awards

5 segundos Of Summer #FirstWorstBest

Full Interview 5Sos

5SOS Interview in Japão

5 segundos of Summer #5ONTHEWALL (Tokyo)

5 segundos Of Summer- Responds to Hobbies

5 segundos Of Summer - we surfed

5 segundos Of Summer - Out Of My (Live at Derp Con)

Superstars: 5 segundos Of Summer #5SOS

5 segundos Of Summer entrevista en México, hablan español

5 segundos Of Summer - Good Girls (Live at Derp Con)

5 segundos of Summer - Book Signing (Liverpool UK)

5 segundos Of Summer - 'Don't Stop' (Live At The Jingle sino Ball)

5 segundos Of Summer - 'Good Girls' (Live At The Jingle sino Ball)

5 segundos Of Summer - Amnesia (Live At The Jingle sino Ball)

5 segundos Of Summer - 'She Looks So Perfect' (Live At The Jingle sino Ball)

5SOS at mtv 2014

Much: 5 segundos of Summer

5 segundos of Summer cantar Voodoo Doll at DC's Hot 99.5 Jingle Ball

5 segundos of summer interview at laranja Lounge (entire interview) & ET Canada

5 segundos Of Summer at the People Magazine Awards 2014

5 segundos of Summer - 5SOS Retirees Go Rogue (Target Prank Pt. 2)

5SOS Message to Michael!

5 segundos Of Summer HOT 99 5 Jingle Ball Interview

5 segundos of Summer - LIVESOS (Backstage on the 2014 USA Headline Tour)

1:14 5Sos- iHeartRadio Jingle Ball 2014

Entrevista de Gwen con 5SOS

She Looks So Perfect - Radio City natal Live 2014

Don't Stop - Radio City natal Live 2014

5SOS Chat Naked Pics, Taylor Swift, And.. Erm...David Cameron?!

5sos - American música Awards 2014

5SOS INTERVIEW: Boys on new book, getting naked, their fãs and an Aussie natal

5SOS - What I like about you

5SOS uncut

"What I Like About You" Live at KIIS FM Jingle Ball 2014

"Good Girls" Live at KIIS FM Jingle Ball 2014

5 segundos Of Summer - #LIVESOS hope you guys amor it

What I Like About You: Live At The fórum

5SOS Live Q & oi - Highlights - [V] Hits

FULL INTERVIEW: 5 Second's Of Summer's Shazam-A-Hang Part One!

5 Second's Of Summer's Michael Clifford Reveals His First kiss Story!

5 segundos Of Summer Reveal Their Surprising Karaoke Choices!

5SOS'S Calum Takes Over An Interview + Luke Reveals The Surprising Secret To His High Kick!

FULL INTERVIEW: 5 Second's Of Summer's Shazam-A-Hang Part Two!

5 segundos Of Summer's Impression of The 1975 Is Spot On (And Hilarious)!

5 segundos Of Summer Spill On Abigail Breslin's "You Suck"!

5SOS on The Today Show

5SOS: We are not a boy band

5SOS talk about "You Suck"

One Direction throw shade at 5SOS and their reaction is epic!

Calum capuz, capa fã pergunta "Are you all about that bass?"

5SOS - Yes No game 2.0

Luke gets bullied!

5 segundos of Summer on the AMAs Red Carpet 2014

What I Like about You Lyrics

5 segundos of Summer Red Carpet Interview - AMAs 2014