amor Do your parents think you are too young to date?

Pick one:
Yes & I comply, but I sometimes disagree
lol Who listens to grown-ups? YOLO
Yes & I respect my parents
Yes~ & we argue about it sometimes
Yuusssh I am too young & I HATE that!
No, I am old enough, but choose not to encontro, data
No I am old enough, I just don't encontro, data
I only encontro, data on the computer (no rl)
Yes, but I get to anyway/or allowed certain things like group dates
No. I am old enough
I am not a minor
I do not live w/parent/s or guardian & I am old enough
Well that is a lil difficult/complicated, but yes, I am single
I am taken, do not live w/folks, old enough... <3
 Sinna_Hime_chan posted over a year ago
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