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This amor fotografia contains rosa, rosiness, and vermelhidão. There might also be buquê, corpete, posy, nosegay, corsage, ramo, rosa, roseira, rosebush, camélia, camelia, and camélia camélia.

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What is it with Love
That makes me
then breaks me?

When in love
Do I truly love?

Is it really love
Or do I think that I love?

Maybe I just amor being in love
Or amor the idea of being in love?

I spent my whole life chasing love.
In the end the one thing I truly amor
Could just be the meir pursuit of love?

You give to me hope
And help me to cope
When life pulls me down
You bring me around

You teach me to care
And help me to share
You make me honest
With kindness the best

From you I learned love
With grace from above
It's for you I live
And I want to give

You are the reason
That fills each season
When I hear amor I think of you
You are my world and best friend too

I amor you because you are so kind, thoughtful and caring
I amor you because you are so pleasant, lovely and sharing
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