lost Out of the frases from a cast member, about a couple, which one do you just adore?

Pick one:
I think, romantically, her heart’s mais with Jack. That’s my personal opinion
She`s trying to pull away from Sawyer because she recognizes that she loves Jack.
in that moment with him, she realized how much she loved him
She has NEVER turned her back on him [Jack].
I also see her bond with Jack is actually stronger than the bond with Aaron
She was committing her life to him and wanted him to be the father of her child
If she had her wish they would live happily ever after
That broke her heart. [Jack going to reset time]
she has NEVER been able to help herself be MADLY in amor with Jack
No matter what she is doing with Sawyer..Jack.. holds the role as the man....
they really are connected throughout time and o espaço
They’re obviously attracted to each other and they can’t get over it.
It took all that, just to get some, sympathy love.
They needed amor and each other in their lives and so they found it.
From the moment that he was sitting beside the canoe, I was sold.
Without Juliet: "He's in hell"
"I think Juliet was Sawyer's redemption and his only real shot at amor that might
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