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who are the oceanic 6?...SPOILER!!!  krueger 28 4753 over a year ago
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Season 4 Finale.... Episode Title?  thecon 8 4046 over a year ago
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Is John Locke's character based on a true person?  cosa_nostra 3 3962 over a year ago
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Why oh why did they kill off Mr. Eko?!?!  greedo 2 3698 over a year ago
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Describe the event [Round 4]  hamishblakefan 26 3329 over a year ago
who is your least favorito on the show??  blackbetty427 24 3271 over a year ago
Charlie pace is back for season 6 !  punkyvixen 7 3254 over a year ago
Your topo, início 4 episodes  similzy 8 3252 over a year ago
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Dharma Logo Generators?  pamarama 1 3061 over a year ago
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Does L.O.S.T stand for.....  heroesfan4eva 3 2951 over a year ago
We Need to Boost our Fanbase!  hamishblakefan 26 2899 over a year ago
Kiss, Hug, Slap, GAME???  angelrose111 4 2726 over a year ago
Why didn't Sun flash? Why wasn't Sayid with the others?  marissa 3 2719 over a year ago
What happened to the other "others"?  cosa_nostra 3 2676 over a year ago
How was Ethan born and Annie didn't die?  lostfan1 4 2607 over a year ago
Widmore vs Ben, Jacob vs Esau?  rookyboy 1 2539 over a year ago
Michael Dawson  DR76 0 2504 over a year ago
Anthony Cooper's Death  DR76 1 2414 over a year ago
Widmore, Wallace, and A Wrinkle in Time.  marissa 7 2375 over a year ago
Why am I still hooked to Lost???  davetay 2 2362 over a year ago
Favourites?  BeautifulLover 7 2255 over a year ago
Benjamin Linus & Jacob  PkmnTrainerJ 5 2200 over a year ago
Season Five Predictions  marissa 3 2199 over a year ago
5x16 & 17, "The Incident" Press Release  marissa 5 2187 over a year ago
Countdown to season 6  alismouha 11 2108 over a year ago
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who am I GAME?  angelrose111 0 2086 over a year ago
Storymakers  want2watcheroes 30 2081 over a year ago
the lost  aiceee23 1 2078 over a year ago
Who do you want to be?  titchloveslost 7 1911 over a year ago
Countdown to 6000 fãs [Finished]  Emm_xD 46 1892 over a year ago
Kate's Crimes  DR76 5 1835 over a year ago
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Dead or Alive!  want2watcheroes 37 1797 over a year ago
Jin is not dead....Look at the clues  jellopinkfish 7 1796 over a year ago
What does Sawyer say to Kate  KYNEWGRASS 1 1784 over a year ago
New lost Guide to the Island  jacksawyer3197 2 1738 over a year ago
Watch lost online, so nice!  goodhdtv 0 1727 over a year ago
Amy and Horace's Baby  Earthgirl13 9 1720 over a year ago
Season 3 Finale: Thoughts?  papa 19 1711 over a year ago
lost dia  PkmnTrainerJ 9 1673 over a year ago
lost/24 crossover? (or bones/lost crossover or house/lost crossover)  ryans_love 3 1663 over a year ago
Is Charlie dead?  krystalkim13 11 1649 over a year ago
The incident  beto_ql3 0 1644 over a year ago
A challenge to all lost fãs  rookyboy 16 1643 over a year ago
lost FOTM:October Nominations! [Temporary Forum]  sk91 20 1637 over a year ago
Ratings.  Emm_xD 7 1629 over a year ago
Sawyer & Juliet?  xDHmadx 24 1621 over a year ago
Warren dia slaves  xiaonangua 0 1619 over a year ago
*Spoiler* if you have not seen The Substitute. The Numbers..  Huddyaddict12 6 1602 over a year ago