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sk91 posted on Jul 18, 2010 at 02:37PM
This is Temporary Forum. We're going back to link as soon as Em is back :)

So, it goes like this. You can nominate any fan which you deem has contributed a lot to the Lost spot, or a fan you just consider to be awesome :) You can post your nominations here, and once a sufficient amount of fans have been nominated I will put them all together into a pick (e.g Lost FOTM for May goes to...) and you can cast your votes.

The nominations will be taken every month and the winner will be decided on the start of every new month. The winner (This is the cool part... To me, anyway lol) will then be given a Lost Interview in which any Lost related questions will be asked (The interview will be posted in an article on here). Then, the winner will be able to ask questions for next month's winner and so forth.

You can vote for users who have previously been nominated, but it would be good to see some new nominations. Do not nominate previous winners. You can nominate more than one user, the more the merrier, there's no limit :D
(All by Emm_xD)

Previous Winners
FOTM for May 2009: link
FOTM for June 2009: link
FOTM for July 2009: link
FOTM for August 2009: link
FOTM for September 2009: link
FOTM for October 2009: link
FOTM for November 2009: link
FOTM for December 2009: link
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FOTM for April 2010: link
FOTM for May 2010: link
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FOTM for August 2010: link
FOTM for September 2010: link

The nominations will start as of now and will end September 25th. The pick will also be created on September 25th and the closing date will be October 1st.

Please do not vote for yourself.

So, get your nominations in now! Lost FOTM for July goes to?
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over a year ago backtoblack said…
I nominate A-Gie.:)
over a year ago sk91 said…
I'll go with Lucy (livelydebate) her picks are hilarious xd
over a year ago nandacavalieri said…
tuttleAC :)
over a year ago sk91 said…
I will also nominate AKnetsirk.
over a year ago sk91 said…
link for new FOTM for July!
over a year ago sk91 said…
please start nominating people for August FOTM :)
over a year ago xoheartinohioxo said…
I'm trying to think of somebody to nominate that hasn't already won!! lol most of the people that come to mind, either already won or don't really come on here much =/
over a year ago xoheartinohioxo said…
Can I nominate Lucy? I know she was nominated last time but she didn't win...
over a year ago sk91 said…
You can nominate whoever you want :)
Anyone who didn't win before :)
over a year ago xoheartinohioxo said…
Kay, I nominate Lucy then!
over a year ago sk91 said…
please nominate more!

I'll go with Holly (xoheartinohioxo) =]
over a year ago courtney7488 said…
I'll nominate AKnetsirk.
over a year ago sk91 said…
I'll also nominate A-Gie.
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over a year ago sk91 said…
Lost FOTM for August goes to livelydebate!

You can already nominate for next FOTM!!
over a year ago livelydebate said…
over a year ago tuttleAC said…
Might I nominate A-Gie?
over a year ago xoheartinohioxo said…
I'll nominate Morgan!
over a year ago sk91 said…
And I'll go with alismouha.
over a year ago sk91 said…
lost FOTM for September goes to xoheartinohioxo

October Nominations!
Start right now!
over a year ago xoheartinohioxo said…
I nominate:

Mon & Morgan!