lost So many perguntas about Kate's amor drama

abs07 posted on Jun 16, 2010 at 07:37PM
OK! So I'm posting this here because I wanted not only certain clubs' opinions, but the opinions of the Lost fans in general. As we know, Kate bounced back and forth between Jack and Sawyer throughout the series. At first I loathed her for it. Then looking back I thought, maybe she didn't feel like she was good enough for Jack and figured since Sawyer was similar to her in many ways (broken, tainted, shady past) she figured she was meant to be with someone like him, but never stopped loving or wanting Jack more [deep down]. I guess what I'm wondering is, if Sawyer hadn't jumped off the helicopter, would they have ended up together in the civilized world? I'd think yes, for a while - but it wouldn't have lasted. Their relationship never had stability. They were more passion than relationship. I think that if Skate did give it a go in the civilized world, Kate would have eventually bounced back to Jack - her love slave puppy dog (I love the guy but he really let her kick his heart around). Another thing I'm wondering about is, if Sawyer hadn't "sent Kate packing" after she went after him post Juliet's demise, would Skate have rekindled their love? After Sawyer's heartfelt monologue about his guilt for Juliet's death and his foiled plan to marry her, was Kate crying because she felt guilty/pity? Or was she crying because Sawyer rejected her?

What are your thoughts people?

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