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DR76 posted on May 02, 2012 at 09:22PM
I do not understand the extreme hatred many "LOST" fans harbor toward Michael Dawson. In fact, I find it downright hypocritical. Many fans expressed dislike toward him in S1, because he proved to be a complex and flawed parent. Are television fans that warped when it comes to flawed parents? Do they really need to see a fictional ideal parent in order to feel good about that character?

And when Michael killed Ana-Lucia and Libby, their dislike became hatred. What is really ironic is that they hate Michael for killing one character who was just as disliked . . . and another character, whom no one barely knew a thing about other than she was once in a mental hospital and was currently dating the comic relief before her death.

Mind you, Michael was not the only "LOST" character who had wronged another. Both Jack and Shannon tried to kill Locke. Locke was responsible for Boone's death. Kate kept Aaron Littleton for nearly three years for her own selfish reasons, wronging the Littleton family. Sawyer tried to beat Jack to death on two occasions. Sayid had tortured Sawyer. Even Ben is more loved than Michael and he had murdered Locke.

Despite the fact that Michael immediately felt remorse for his crimes and tried to atone for them in S4, he still remains actively hated by many fans. Why?

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