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DR76 posted on Dec 27, 2011 at 08:49AM
I found Sawyer's murder of Anthony Cooper in "The Brig" to be the most infantile and sickening act I had ever seen - aside from Ben's murder of Locke, Locke's murder of Naomi and Kate's murder of her dad. It was sickening. And the real person who destroyed Sawyer's family was his dad, Mr. Ford. Not Cooper. But Sawyer was too immature and childish to face this and he used Cooper as a convenient scapegoat, because the latter cheated his father - financially and sexually.

Mr. Ford lacked the guts to face the fact that he had been cuckolded by his wife and stupid enough to be scammed by Cooper. And Sawyer lacked the guts to face the fact that his father was a murderous coward.

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over a year ago KeepLostAlive said…
Hey dude! :) I think that's not the weirdest thing about Anthony Cooper's death.I think that the question is... How the hell did Anthony Cooper arrived to the island? (Apologise me about my gramma etc. mistakes, my english's not very good