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DR76 posted on Jun 28, 2011 at 05:18PM
Why did Sawyer solely blame Tom Friendly for Walt's kidnapping and his injuries?

Why did Sawyer forget that Ben was the one who had ordered Walt's kidnapping? Sawyer had the chance to hurt Ben on Walt's behalf in early Season 4. Instead, he punched Ben for insinuating that Kate preferred Jack's company over his. And he later tried to shoot Ben for attempting to kill Charlotte. But when it came to Walt, Sawyer never blamed Ben; just Tom. And he must have known by the time of Tom's murder that Ben was just as much to blame.

He also blamed Tom for getting shot on the raft. As I recalled, Tom ordered Michael, Sawyer and Jin to keep their hands away from their weapons. Instead, Sawyer reached for his gun and was immediately shot by one of the nameless Others. Something similar happened during the expedition to find Michael in Season 2. Tom ordered the Losties to toss away their guns. Sawyer reached for his to shoot and a nameless Other responded with a warning shot.

Sawyer ignored the fact that Ben ordered Tom to kidnap Walt. He also ignored the fact that his actions led to him being shot. Yet, he solely blamed Tom for both actions and murdered the guy in cold blood.

To this day, I cannot understand why people continue to justify Sawyer's actions.

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