So everyone keeps asking that most hated pergunta of all: Who will Kate be with? Now if your like me, your sick and tired of seeing this pergunta all over the internet. Also if your like me, you never really cared about it in the first place because you realize their stupid amor triângulo is the farthest thing from the best part of show.

That being said, lets "solve" this mystery. First of all, strip away all feeling you have about this. It doesn't matter who you like better, or who you feel Kate's character is mais inclined to. Instead lets look at things from a writers standpoint. Lets examine how stories are told.

First of all, the lead male will always end up with the lead female. This is untrue in the case of tragedies, but it should be clear that lost is not written this way. So what does that mean? It means Jack and Kate will be together in the end.

Jack is also the "good guy" and Sawyer the "bad boy" - that much is clear. It is also age old storytelling (and in my opinion, real world fact) that girls are far mais attracted to the "bad boy". However they tend to have their "fling" if you will, with the bad boy, then settle down with the good guy. I don't believe this lost triângulo will end any differently.

So now we're left with explaining how Kate will choose. She has already made it abundantly clear that she can't make up her mind, with all that bouncing back and forth. So it would appear someone or something is going to have to make the choice for her. For example......death. In order for Kate to choose Jack or Sawyer, there can only be Jack OR Sawyer. If both are still around, this will never be resolved.

So who dies you ask? Sawyer. Don't get me wrong, I like Sawyer, and in fact I absolutely hate Jack. However we know come the last episode of season 6, Jack will still be standing, we knew that in season 1. There should be no suspense as to whether or not Jack will make it all the way.

That being said, lets take storytelling into account again. Sawyer, the bad boy who never knew love, but learned to love, and amor deeper than any, because of the amor of one women - poetic yes, and again a story in itself that has been told for centuries. So, from a writer/storyteller point of view, how would you write this? How are you going to pull on the heart-strings of all these fangirls? Simple. Kill Sawyer in a very dramatic and epic way - Like saving Kate(probably with his camisa off) Thus leaving Kate and fangirls alike weeping for his ultimate sacrifice.

I don't feel like this should be a surprising conclusion. Ive always felt this outcome to be quite obvious. Sawyer will die saving Kate in some heroic fashion. Probably half-way through season 6, in order to leave enough time for grieving and Kate to officially settle on Jack.

I understand my composição literária is highly opinionated. Thats what this is, my opinion. However I'm sure that I'm correct. This is the way things are written. This is the way stories are told.