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Another version of "You know your an LOTR fã when..."

Your AOL screen name is Elbereth.
You can pronounce Nirnaeth Arnoediad.
The opponents in your MS Hearts game are named Morgoth, Sauron and Ungoliant.
You have a decided opinion on the pergunta of the two Glorfindels.
You understand #4.
Your thesis was entitled "On the Valar and their Treament of the Noldor"
When watching The Two Towers, you must fight the urge to scream, "THERE WERE NO ELVES, NEITHER FROM IMLADRIS NOR LÓRIEN, IN THE BATTLE OF THE HORNBURG!
But you mourn Haldir anyway.
It's not "hello", it's "Hail and well met."
You know...
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A Tribute to the Witch King of Angmar....
o senhor dos anéis
witch king
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