songs that just make me think of Loki

{E.T por Katy Perry}
okay almost every tribute of this song with Loki has been watched and loved ((by my)) this is honestly the perfect song for how much i just amor this guy and I wish I had mais upbeat and fun songs like this on the playlist but I just rarely listen to songs like this in general, an apology to Loki's spunky side

{Love addict por Family Force 5}
yeah this is just a fangirl song for him as in I sing it with me cantar about him like E.T

{Your coração is as black as night por Melody Gardot}
"If i let you hang around I'm bound to lose my mind" trying to reason to yourself that he's technically the villain of the story... and failing

{World so Cold por 12 stones}
this song is one that I only like unto a certain point but man does it remind me of Loki especially the part where these lyrics are playing
"Are you sane?Where is the shame? A moment of time passes you by, you cannot rewind, whos to blame? where did it start? is there a cure for your sickness? have you no heart? I don't believe men were born to be killers, i don't believe the world can't be saved, how did you get here and when did it start? an innocent child with a thorn in his heart..."
this sounds so much like something Thor might say to Loki in the events of Avengers and that last line is basically what Loki is, a child with a thorn in his heart.

{World so cold por Three days grace}
... another world so cold huh? but this one fits too for him all the lyrics seem to encompass his battle with himself

{Bet on it por Zac Efron}
honestly i never would have put high school musical song and Loki together but i saw a Loki video to this song and it just worked...

{Call me por the shinedown}
this one is big reaction to 'Thor: The dark world' if you've seen it or even the commercials here's my Main Loki line in the song "I've said it so many times, I'd change my ways, no never mine, god knows I've tried"

{crawl por Breaking Benjamin}
this one reminds me so much of Loki killing his father with this line "I'm not like you, your faceless lies, your weak dead heart, your black dead eyes' later the song switches the I for "your not like me, your (etc)" this one makes me think of Loki b/c of his whole mission in 'Thor' to cut away everything from his true heritage, his want not to be that monster that he'd been told frost giants were to the point of killing his own father and race but instead it turns into a semi self fulfilling prophecy

{Poor unfortunate souls por Jonas Brothers}
goomies I'm sorry but this song is my guilty pleasure and as sad as Loki's story is one other aspect about him is how much fun he does have being on the dark side!! a remake of the 'Little mermaid' villain song and of course here's my connection "How desperate are you? you call on such lost creatures to defend you."

{Animal I have become por Three days grace}
This song is like a compromise. on one hand it does kinda cover that Loki is lost like "help me believe its not the real me" but also his 'i kinda like the dark side' with "so what if you can see the darker side of me?" eh! got a problem? hehe Loki your so great

{Monster por Skillet}
along the same vein as "Animal I have become"

{Demons por Imagine Dragons}

{Perfect por Hedley}
one of the things i amor about Loki is his big family focus. each movie seems to explore his relationship with each family member "Thor=father and how he wants his respect and love," "Avengers= his relationship with Thor and trying to deny that he has a family" 'Thor the Dark World= his mommy!!" and he loves them all and wants so hard to belong with them but I think being a frost giant shattered his sense of belonging

{Falling inside the black por Skillet}
Loki just seems to retreat mais and mais into himself

{Angels por Within Temptation}
"The world may have failed you, that doesn't give you reason..." this is a majority opinion on Loki. they understand the tragedy of his past but in a sad tone they also acknowledge that killing/enslaving people is wrong. and this song is like a sad nod to liking the guy and admitting he did something wrong

{Mad world por Gary Jules}
melancholy. i can't wait for a tribute to be made with the new 'Thor: The Dark World' material of Loki it just fits even more

{Breath of life por Florence and the Machine}
i just do, i don't know why. maybe b/c the song is about wanting something and not getting it, not knowing who's side your on, being caught up with your past. the final note just sounding a bit sad

{Gollum's song por ??}
I was astounded how the lyrics seem to fit him

{Angel of darkness por ??}
gah!! just YES!!

{shattered por Trading yesterday}
{All I ever wanted from The Prince of Egypt}
This character goes through what Loki did with everything he ever knew to be true ripped away with one revelation and the song is good in capturing how Loki//Moses want so desperately to be part of the family they've always known but still being shaken por the revelation

{Not one of us from Lion King 2}
This my friend is how everyone seems to treat Loki with a few exceptions

{Fight inside por Red}
{Breaking the habit por Linkin park}
i don't know but i think songs about inner battles are good for Loki and this one acknowledges that everyone seems to see it too like Nick Fury pointing out that Loki is way in over his head and the Aliens not really taking Loki as seriously as they should

{Confession por Red}
This is another bubbler song. all the emotions Loki hid behind being a complacent brother, segundo best, never feeling his father favored him like Thor

{Too cool from Camp Rock}
if you forget that the song is about an elitist teen girl I can't help thinking "Yeah Loki is too cool."

{Stranger than fiction por Five fingered death punch}
I always seem to envision Thor saying these things to Loki

{Pain por Three Days grace}
Loki sometimes tries to pierce through his own psyche por doing some stuff he probably shouldn't

{going under por Evanescence}
i think the título explains it

{Here we are por Breaking Benjamin}
"so here we are, fighting and trying to hide the scars, I'll be início tonight, take a breath and softly say goodbye, the lonely road, one that I should try and walk alone"

{Out from from under por Red}
makes me think of the scene where he let go.LOKI NO!

{I get wicked por Thousand foot Krutch}
just the chorus!

{beautiful liar por beyonce and Shakira}
because he is

{Almost easy por Avenged Sevenfold}
This one is just great for him like a build up of all his feelings until bam he lost a bit of his mind.

{Be my Valentine por Tim McMorris}

{Be prepared from The Lion King}
hehe I think this song covers some of Loki's elegance and "I'm surrounded por idiots" attitude and a bit of his plan... except killing the king

{prelude por ??}
I must confess I'm a youtube cruiser. i just kinda stumble onto songs I like and sometimes don't bother with who sang them or even the título sometimes but yes I think of Loki!

{I will not bow por Breaking Benjamin//King of bass}
I've heard both and since i like them both and the lyrics are the same eh why not.

{I don't care por Apocalyptia}
this one is really close to what Loki's attitude towards Thor was in 'The Avengers' trying to act like he just doesn't care anymore about him

{sweet dreams por ??}
sorry i don't know who sings this but anyway it kinda covers all the lying and lied to with Loki

{criminal por Britney spears}
honestly i just like the first lyric of this song but that's enough to connect Loki and this song together