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posted by Teawanee
ok, here we go! X3

First off, I'd like to keep this fairly relistic to real lion prides as such there are some thinggs you should probably know. First, about the adult males in a pride, there's only one but there can be two brothers who share the females. There can be a few females per pride who are related. Once a male cub is grown enough to be on it's own, its kicked out of the pride, and becomes a rouge, until it finds females and creates there own pride. (which is when you will creat a new fórum for you're pride which you may name and deside how it will be run) the females can run away to cadastrar-se rouge males or stay in there pride. The males usually don't hunt except if the pride plans to take down large prey. Usually females will become pregnant around the same time also. Of curse, there will be different rituals and such, but each pride is different, however there must be some way to mark the tansition from cub to adolesent to adult. Now, have fun!