Leyton Family<3 My #3 favourites || Your favourite??

Pick one:
TV Couple: Puck/Rachel ♥
Book/Movie Couple: Katniss/Peeter ♥ {The Hunger Games}
Female TV Character: Rachel Berry ♥
Female Book/Movie Character: Hermione Granger ♥ {Harry Potter}
Male TV Character: Nathan Scott ♥ {One árvore Hill}
Male Book/Movie Character: Draco Malfoy ♥ {Harry Potter}
Friendship: Lucas and Haley ♥ {One árvore Hill}
Actress: Emma Watson ♥
Actor: Tom Felton ♥
Artists/Bands: The Fray ♥
TV Show: glee ♥
Movie: P.S I amor You ♥
Book: The Hunger Games ♥
Option for me ♥
 Elbelle23 posted over a year ago
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