Leyton Family<3 {didn't think I would copy, did ya?} topo, início 15 reasons why Haley is inspirational; your favorite?

Pick one:
she gives everyone a (second) chance
she always stands por her beliefs..
.. and encourages others to do the same
she was a rockstar while in high school
she doesn't let what people think of her define who she is
she's always there for her friends
she still managed to be valedictorian while being pregnant
she gives up her own dreams for the happiness of her family
she inspires others to be a better person
she values the importance of forgiveness
she doesn't give up hope, no matter how bad the situation
she's smart AND talented
she's very humble
she's the best wife, mother, sister & friend anyone could ask for
she's a total BAMF if necessary
BONUS: she's a hair chameleon
 XNaley_JamesX posted over a year ago
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