Leyton Family<3 YAY COPYING!!! (tumblr meme thing with LPF's most popular shows: friends) | you agree the most with?

Pick one:
first character i fell in amor with: RACHEL GREEN
a character i used to amor and now don't: JILL GREEN(???)
a ship i used to amor but now don't: PHOEBE&DAVID
my ultimate favorito character: RACHEL GREEN
prettiest character: RACHEL GREEN
my most hated character: NO ONE<3
my notp: JOEY&RACHEL
saddest death: MR.HECKLES(??)
favorito season: 2
least favorito season: 9
character everyone else loves but i don't: GUNTHER
my 'you're a piece of trash but I still amor you' fave: MONICA GELLER
beautiful cinammon roll that deserves better: ROSS GELLER
my guilty pleasure ship: MONICA&RICHARD
my lowkey ship: MONICA&CHANDLER
 marakii posted over a year ago
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