Leyton Family<3 The categories I was most happy about for Teen Choice 2016!! You were the most happy about?

Pick one:
Choice Movie Breakout Star; margarida Ridley
Choice Movie Villain; Adam Driver
Choice TV Show; Pretty Little Liars
Choice TV Actor; Ian Harding
Choice TV Actress; Ashley Benson
Choice TV Show (scifi/fantasy); Once Upon a Time
Choice TV Actress (scifi/fantasy); Lana Parrilla
Choice TV Show (comedy); Fuller House
Choice TV Reality Show; Keeping up with the Kardahians
Choice TV Scene Stealer; Sasha Pieterse
Choice TV Villain; Janel Parrish
Choice TV Chemistry; Ashley & Tyler
Choice Female Artist/Summer música Star; Selena Gomez
Choice Web estrela Music; Christina Grimmie
Choice Female Hottie/Model; Kendall Jenner
Choice Style (male); Nick Jonas
Choice Comedian; Ellen DeGeneres
Choice President; Hilary Clinton
Choice Lip Lock; Jennifer & Collin
Option for me because I can't choose :)
 mooshka posted over a year ago
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