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The fans pick: dear sleep, i'm so sorry i hated you as a kid. now i can't get enough
The fans pick: música is my therapy when i can't put into words what i'm feeling
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unicornsrreal said …
For the longest time, this spot was my sanctuary. I would come início everyday to log in because I knew my bestfriends would be here. I've been a part of this spot since I was about 12/13 years old, and I'm now 18. Yet now, I feel as though I don't belong. I know I've been MIA during exams and what not, but I've tried my best to be as active as I can. Posted faz 21 dias
unicornsrreal commented…
I still completely amor you all, and will most likely flitter in and out again, but I don't think I've been a part of this spot for a long time now. I'm sorry for not making mais of an effort with you all, things are pretty hectic in my life rn, but I no longer feel as though this is my sanctuary. It's nothing any of you have done, you are still all the most amazing people I've ever grown up with. I just no longer feel included or a part of this family, which sucks to write because you've been my teenage years. I just have no idea what to do anymore, so I guess this is my way of telling you all: I amor you and Goodbye x faz 21 dias
Elbelle23 commented…
Awww Bee! I am sooo sorry you feel this way :( please know how much WE ALL amor YOU. And please know that you mean a lot to us all. IF you ever need to talk I am always here for you <3 amor you to pieces xx faz 21 dias
tvdlover commented…
Agree with everyone! We respect your decision and we all amor you so much. <3 faz 8 dias
mooshka said …
NEW SPOT LOOK <3333 Posted faz 2 meses
Elbelle23 commented…
Kirkir commented…
looooooove it <333333 faz 2 meses
Piu95 commented…
SO gorgeous <3 faz 2 meses
rorymariano commented…
amor amor amor <33 faz 2 meses
Elbelle23 said …
Sorry I have been MIA the last couple of weeks. I am working three jobs at the moment and I have been super sick :( But things are calming down so I will be back mais often again x Posted faz 2 meses
marakii commented…
YAY<333 faz 2 meses
mooshka commented…
<33 faz 2 meses
Nicolas97 commented…
Beb<3 faz 2 meses