Lenka Calling all Twilight fans... We Will Not Grow Old... x

AliceRoxx posted on Nov 10, 2009 at 09:48PM
Hey guys, so I was just wondering whether it's just me or do you think 'We Will Not Grow Old' really fits into Bella and Edward's relationship in the Twilight Saga? I was thinking about it and have decided the perfect moment for this song to capture would be when they're in the meadow at the end of Eclipse, before they go to tell Charlie they're getting married. I love Lenka, her songs have such emotion and I think this one conveys this stage in their relationship really well (apart from one of the end lines 'That the feeling would fade', because of course their love and need to be together forever will never fade) x Anyone agree? Or do you have other ideas about the song? I just want to know how other people see it x :)

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