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posted by abbyirwin
feno guys I'm abby and I'm 13 well I have this stress doll that I named lemoooooon but u have to say lemooon in British to see how I say it enyway I got this limão for limonada dia for pertisipating everyone at school laghts at me and calls me crazy I am in many ways but I gess if u amor something go for it sents I meet lemooon I have got tones of limão perfume a limão braslet and limão stickers I just amor lemons I have always loved yellow sents I was little and I loved limonada exapt I hate rosa, -de-rosa limonada it is a discrase to all the regular limonada in the world and can someone please tell me what makes rosa, -de-rosa limonada rosa, -de-rosa thanks and write a coment below of if u think I'm crazy or not and how there is rosa, -de-rosa limonada and if u like it thx and have a great day
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