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WakabaSuzukaze said …
Has anyone here gone through an entire campaign without having to fight any tanks at all? (except for finales, also without cheats being used) Posted over a year ago
bouncybunny3 commented…
Not that I can recall. But I have played many, many campaigns, so perhaps. over a year ago
NocturnalMirage commented…
Only once in Dead Center. But at the finale, two of them were coming at us at the same time! over a year ago
Ashagon said …
I amor the game it's so awesome! Posted over a year ago
JOOOOSSSEE commented…
how do you play over a year ago
BriBree37 said …
anybody manage to kill Karma charger as he charged? i tried it and he ran into a bile bomb and died! Posted over a year ago
BriBree37 commented…
then got killed por a Karma Tank. XD over a year ago
cutiepie101010 commented…
hahahalol lmfao over a year ago