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Opinion by ShiningsTar542 posted over a year ago
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~Musical Instruments~

Don't look so down..
That's not like you, you said with a laugh
every maze has a way out..
I felt the wind in your gentle voice.

I'll leave the room of loneliness.
The key to that puzzle,
has always been in your hand.
The rest is up to you.

Whao! Whao! Whao! Yeah, yeah!

The infinite sky surrounds us
as we live our lives.
If you open the door and take off,
you'll be shining in a new place!
Called the future

If you head beyond the sky,
you can reach the inside of your heart.
The equation that shows o espaço is infinite.
Is found there.

If you laugh and ignore reality
you'll never be able to leave.
For a journey that's longer than a thousand miles
you must take the first step.
Guide by Lady10358 posted over a year ago
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I made this for all the people who wanna learn Japanese. Hope u enjoy! :)

English: Rabbit Japanese: ウサギ

English: Hi how are you? Japanese: やあ、元気。

English: Ship Japanese: 船

English: Good Japanese: 良い

English: Kind Hearted Japanese: 親切

English: Stop Japanese: 停止

English: Katy Perry Japanese: ケイティ ・ ペリー

English: Avril Lavigne Japanese: アヴリル ・ ラヴィーン

English: Lady gaga Japanese: レディガガ

English: Kesha (Without $) Japanese: ケシャ