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 Lady Gaga - Judas - música Video
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This lady gaga screencap might contain retrato, headshot, close up, and closeup.

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Lady Gaga's extravagant style could put her in risk.

A few days atrás the singer swore on a TV show that she would never dress normally. That she would rather die than have her fãs see her out of her costumes and without platform high-heels.

Then she went and got on a plane which was to take her to LA, in the USA.

Because the outfit she was wearing was so darn tight, Lady Gaga almost had a serious health problem on the plane!She almost had thrombosis, an obstruction of her veins.

Her legs began to swell, and the singer was undressed por the flight attendants!

We hope she has learned her lesson. Best to dress right on the airplane and save the tight outfits for the stage. That way her fãs can enjoy her shows for a few mais years! Don't you agree?
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(The lyrics are not official, it's just what I figured out, and with little help from the internet)

Free my mind .. ARTPOP
You make my .. coração stop

Come to me, in all your glamor and groovy
Just do that thing that you do
And I'll undress you
You decide, sometimes the simplest mover is right
The melody that you choose, can rescue you

A hybrid can withstand these things
My coração can beat with bricks and strings
My ARTPOP could mean anything

We could, we could belong together, ARTPOP
We could, we could belong together, ARTPOP
We could, we could belong together, ARTPOP

Come to me, without...
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