Some observations and analysis about Kyle on my favourite episode of South Park, the two-parter Cartoon Wars from season 10.

Cartoon Wars I and II

Personally, I think that Kyle's best momment on the show was most probably Cartoon Wars I and II, he really shined in this two-parter.

At first, Cartman makes Kyle doubt his beliefs and opinions, through lies and faking care for the muslims, and get to the wrong conclussion because Kyle, unlike Cartman, actually cares, and Cartman, being not anywhere near as stupid as most people like to believe, knew this and used it to manipulate Kyle.

So there we had Kyle doubting, not through logic but through compassion, with that horrible Ike-dying dream he had and all, it shows how much of a caring person he is. But he eventually saw through Cartman's lies and at the end he made the right decision of standing up for his beliefs, knowing it wasn't just about the joke and the fun but about the right of free speech, and, being very aware of the danger, still chose the right way.

One great bit was the moment when Kyle finally realizes that Cartman was lying, when he softy says "You incrível son of a bitch" and "I cant believe I let you scare me into taking your side, you used fear to make me stop believing in free speech", which, like Cartman himself later says, it is the definition of terrorism, to use fear to opress others. Kyle finally understood this is what Cartman was doing and knows he can't just do nothing, he has to stand up for what he knows is right.

The ending of the first part owned, when it says "the battle between Good and Evil is finally waged", Kyle being the good and Cartman being the evil, it seems that this is what both of them represent on the show.

The scene when Kyle gets to the truck stop and he finds everyone with their heads under the sand and he's got the 'wtf?!' face was hilarious, poor Kyle was oblivious to all that had been going on.

Another intense part was right after Cartman convinces the raposa president to cancelar the episode, he is all celebrating and you hear from behind the "CARTMAN!" he turns around and he sees Kyle glaring at him and hissing "You f*cking fatass!!!", it's just so perfect. Kyle's anger has an intensity and atraction to it that it's impossible to look away.
And of course the whole fight is awesome and freaking funny!

And of course, Kyle's argument with the raposa president at the end. When he goes like "What manatees?!!!", yet again so funny! Then when he goes on into one of his 'gay speeches' (all of which I amor very much) he makes, as usual, some great points. "You cant do what he wants just because he's the one threatening you with violence" very smart of him, his whole speech was excellent. "Do the right thing". He owned.

Kyle's best victory, it took a lot of hard work, and him pushing his limits, but very satisfactory in the end.