A lot of us have a story to tell, right? Right now even if nobody cares but maybe someday, someone might read this.

So, how did I get to like this gentle yet wild mother of Naruto?

It started when curiosity reigns over me. I was at our province where I can do whatever I want. Stay up all night, surf the net, eat lixo foods, etc. It was one warm evening, maybe at 8pm, I was at our computer comprar then I remembered that I need to procurar for naruto facts since I was a huge supporter of the popular anime/manga series. I was searching through google when I stumbled upon this wikipedia for naruto fãs so I didn't hesitated to click the link. There, I first searched about naruto Uzumaki then everything I missed, ever since I started watching it at age 8, was there. Then I saw, just below Naruto's name, some important informations about him. I discovered that the fourth hokage, the most handsome, was indeed his father! But, I can't really remember his face so I looked for one then it was amor AT FIRST SIGHT! Oooh, now I remember, I don't really believe at this thing but now I can say that I do, in Animes and Mangas only though. After that, I saw that Naruto's mother was this Kushina Uzumaki, I was Oh, so that's why he was an Uzumaki. He got it from her mom to hide his and his father's relationship. Sadness flowed all over my body when I knew the reason why they were dead but at that time I haven't read the mangá chapter yet and the animê wasn't aired yet, not before a ano later. At the same night, I surfed the internet once mais to discover knew facts about Naruto's background especially his parents. I knew that the Uzumakis, including his mom, were chosen as jinchuurikis for Kurama. Not long after, I saw a picture and when I clicked the link then it redirected to this site, fanpop. I joined and joined this club until I am a dedicated fan.