You remember what happened in the cafeteria as you wait for Aomine at the basquetebol, basquete court.


After your challenge, you and Aomine find a seat. Then you feel something just flow down your back. And it's wet. "Eek!" You scream. Then Aomine looks behind you. A punk just poured some soda on your head, and down your back, making your underclothes show. (Meaning your bra and panties.) Then Aomine throws his jaqueta onto you all cool-like as if he were a hero, then punches the guy that poured the soda, creating a fight scene. Then Momoi comes to you just before a crowd starts to clamor around Aomine, and says softly among the rants of the crowd, "You okay?" Then as you get up, you turn around with Momoi's arm on your shoulder, and her other hand on your other one, you turn around to see what's happening. You see Kousuke and Shouichi trying to pull Aomine away from the scene as the crowd pulls together tightly, and blocks your sight of him.

Momoi took you to the nurse's office, and said she'd be back with some coffee in a can. Then you start to shake, start sobbing, and start to say, "Why won't it stop?" "Oi." You look up, and see Aomine leaning against the mural with bruises on his face, a bloody nose, his hands in his pockets, while painfully smiling. "Don't 'oi' me! Without Kousuke and Shouichi being there, you could've broken something!" You say as you put your hands around his face, and continue crying. Then Aomine hugs you tightly, and kisses you on the nose and the cheek lightly and says, "Dammit. If you weren't this cute right now, I wouldn't feel so bad." Then you hug him back, but that causes you both to fall down, Aomine landing on topo, início of you. "Awwww." The teammates and Momoi say outside the nurse's office. "Shut up!" Both of you say simultaneously. Then you both look at eachother and blush. "Hey, Aomine, we still got to have that match." You say to break the silence. "Yeah." He says with a warm smile. "And Aomine." You say. "Nani?" He says. "Get off." You say straightforwardly. Then instantaneously, Aomine gets off and then gets teased por his teammates, and Momoi whispers in your ear, "I think Aomine-kun likes you!" Then you reply, "what makes you think so?" "The fact that Aomine mainly calças, calças compridas off all day, and doesn't really care about anyone unless it's interesting. He always looks happy when you're around, (y/n)-chan."

Flashback end

You see the gate open, and Aomine comes in with Momoi, and the rest of the team. Then he drops his bag on the metal bleachers, and you toss the ball to Momoi knowing she'll be the one who'll set the game into play. "Ready!" Momoi shouts, then blows the whistle and throws the ball up into the air. Simultaneously, you and Aomine jump up to grab the ball. And instinctively, you land quickly knowing that Aomine will grab the ball, so you jump up again, and steal the ball from him. You then run in long strides, and at half-court, you jump and scream, "AAAHHH!!!" Then everyone freezes. Aomine, Momoi, and the basquetebol, basquete team freeze because you just made a dunk.

"Ano.." Someone says behind the gate of the basquetebol, basquete court. "Kuroko!!" Momoi shouts as she runs to the gate. "See, Kagami-kun? I told you (y/n)-chan was just as strong of a player as you are. She's-" "An uncrowned king. Or in this case, queen." Aomine says. "Umm yeah. A little help here please!" You say as your fingers slip from the basquetebol, basquete hoop. "Eek!" You shout as you fall and land in Aomine's arms bridal style. Then you blush and say to Aomine, "Aomine, what the-" then yours and Aomine's lips connect for a while. Then they part and you both say, "I amor you." Then you both blush madly, and Aomine puts you down. "I really do, (y/n)-chan." Aomine says as he holds your hand. "So do I, Aomine-kun." You reply, then you kiss his cheek.