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 Again guess who starts with a K and A
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Source: the internet and some episode I dont remember and me
título says all
arte dos fãs
the penguins of madagascar
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 A pic I found. This is what Riley would look like just bigger
A pic I found. This is what Riley would look like just bigger
Riley raced crossed the sand, keeping up with Kowalski, focusing on the mission and no her wing.
"Were are we going?" She asked. Kowalski who was looking at the map and speeding down the sand colina at the same time.
"If my calculations are correct, were only about 2 miles away from the whole".
"Well that was easy, shouldn't there be more..." just then a huge metal engradado, caixa rose up from the ground and with 4 large SNAPS locked them in tight.
".... traps -_- Great,how are we going to get out of this one?" Kowalski then remembered the tools in the shoulder bag he had. He patted his side, were the bag...
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It seemed like days that they were in the sky, but Riley knew how to keep herself occupied. Every few minutos she would roll around in the sky. Kowalski had to hold on to her wings for dear life, and when he would yell Riley would just laugh. They were so high in the sky now that Kowalski could see the formation of the states below.
"Wow.." He said and flipped out his not bag, taking notes with one hand, holding on with the other.
"Beautiful isn't it?" Riley asked.
"Yes, indeed so." She flew a crossed slower now, so Kowalski didn't have to hold as tight, when something unexpected happened. It...
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Kowalski waddled off back tordes the city of New York, Riley takeing the sky above him. It was a good thing she was there, other wise Kowalski would have been road kill. He crossed a street, not noticing and on coming car. Riley swooped down as fast as she could and ran into them, knocking them both into the building across the street. Kowalski couldn't even say anything.
"Your Welcome" Riley said with a grin as they kept going. Kowalski slipped threw the closed gate of the zoo. Riley, being alot smaller, just walked in.
"Were are we going?" Riley wisperd.
"To my home, to get the map to Blow...
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Kowalski's mind filled with questions. Was it all all just a dream? or was that really happening? He paced back and forth, cursing at himself.
"STUPID BRAIN! I CAN'T TELL WHATS REAL ANYMORE!" Up in a árvore above him was a sparrow. She heard the screaming from Kowalski and swooped down to were he stood.
"Hey, Whats Wrong Dude"?
"Oh, Hello. Im just... in a mood I guess. I think my friends might be in trouble and need my help".
"I can help!"
"Oh I don't know, its way to dangerous for a kid like you." That made the sparrow stop.
"Im no kid, I may seem younger then you but im no kid. and I have a name. Im Riley."
"Well sorry Riley but I can't take you along, I don't need your parents mad at me, and I don't need your life taken."
"Parents?" Riley flew back up into the tree," My parents are dead". Kowlaski stopped in his tracks.
"Oh.. I am ever so sorry."
"So can I come?"
"I don't know.."
"Ok ok Riley, you shall come."
"Now come on, we must hurry. Fallow me."
Nights passed on slowly as Kowalski sat ontop of on a hill, no longer in New York now. He gazed up at the stars, trying to see witch one was brighter. But as he got bored he laid back on the hill, flippers crossed under his head, and began to think of what to do. Truth was, he missed Private and Rico and Skipper but he rather not think about it. When he fell asleep, he had a strange dream about the team's great st foe, Dr. BlowWhole. He had the rest of the team locked up in a small engradado, caixa that sat ontop of a shelf por the dolphin's computer. Skipper was deeply wounded and Private face was bright...
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It was a warm summer dia at the zoo on the fine dia as Kowalski laid in the sun, drinking a fine pineapple smoothy. The sun felt good on his rough skin that covered his flippers. He needed this after all of the missions lately with him and his comrades. He relaxed sinking deeper and deeper into the chair. He sat there for a while when Skipper came up to him.
"ON YOUR FEET MAN! THERE IS NO TIME TO REST!" Skipper yelled. Kowalski looked up and sighed at the site of Skipper's face, tense and brutal.
"Yes sir" he said and stood up. Over to the far right, Private and Rico were taking down the Ninja...
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Source: This is probably one of my favorito Kowalski pics :)
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