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posted by gigibear16
Things that remind me of Lexy.
She's truly in amor with it.And I Am too! So When I think about it I think of Lexy.
2.Working on medals.
When I'm working on medals i also think of Lexy. Because i spend a lot of hard work and time on both of her clubs.
3.Emmy.Emmy herself reminds me of Lexy, Because we are all best friends.
4.The Video 101 Reasons to Ship Harry & Hermione.Or link .I am in amor with that video and listen to it a lot!So whenever i watch it.
5.Shipping Couples.
Lexy reminds me of that too.Because Lexy Showed me the best parts of Harmony.

And Most Importantly: Friendship.

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posted by gigibear16
Lexy is a true friend.Lexy you will be my best friend on I'm on the computer sitting in this chair or another chair, or when i walk away and read or go do other things.What i am saying is that our friendship will follow me everywhere.

You and Emmy are truly best friends.We have formed our own little golden trio made out of girls.Which is great.My friends may say that you or any internet may be some one faking, Of course i don't believe them,Someone fake wouldn't trust me with their secrets,Someone fake wouldn't have been able to become my friend, that easily.

When you left fanpop i literally cried.Your an amazing friend.The fact that we both ship the same couple (Harmony) makes it easier to talk to you.Emmy is easy to talk to also.

My sweet internet friends, we shall be forever our own little golden trio.Best friends will stay best friends,through think and thin.Darlings,Your amazing :)

Your Sister,
CLaire ;)
posted by peppergirl30
Wow, Lexy. We've been through a lot. I remember when I first met you, and you honestly always kept me busy with chatting (and that's a good thing, believe me) and I remember us talking for hours!! Then I met Claire. And she met me. And then, we formed this little Golden Trio of our own...but there was something odd about us:
We were all the same, but different.
We all liked HP, of course...
But you and Claire shipped Harmony and I shipped Romione. Did that stop us from being firends??
We are best friends on here Lexy, and I'll never forget that. Never. I just want you to know that you are one of the nicest fanpop users I have ever met, and that I hope that you feel the same way about me. :)
And if you haven't added KitKatLex (Lexy) yet, I REALLY REALLY suggest you do. Because, like gigibear16 (Claire)
She really deserves it.